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If I have a Qualifying condition can I be a Medical Marijuana patient?
How much does the clinic visit cost?
What states do I need to renew my registration in?
Who should I tell that I am a medical marijuana patient?
Is marijuana free after I sign up?
After I qualify, where do I get medical marijuana?
What protection do patients and caregivers have?
Does this go on my medical records?
Who knows that I am a medical marijuana patient?
How many plants can I grow?
What if I can’t grow?
What is a “caregiver” as listed on the application?
Should I allow friendly police to “take a look” at my grow operation or tell them where it is? This is up to each card holding patient. Rick Always incourages each patient to be polite to the authorities and show them that they are at the State guidelines. Every authority that we have talked to have told us that they would rather be spending their time on Meth …
Where can I smoke marijuana?
What are the qualifying conditions listed on the Attending Physician’s Statement?
What do I do after I become a patient?
Should I accept Drug diversion for Medical Marijuana? We’ll Answer This One Here and Now – “No way!” If you are a State level legal card holding Medical patient, why should you ruin up to 10 years of your life with those programs? 10% of people complete those programs and 90% get violated. Should you go to a program every other day for MedicalMarijuana? My god, get your book and get all of the facts now!

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