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  • Do Not have any guns near or around your Medical Marijuana growing operation.
  • Be sure to have your Medical Marijuana under lock and key so No children can have access. If a child jumps your locked fence and ends up in town or at school with your medication. You are the responsible party… Never booby trap any thing. Baby monitors are cheap. Your new 2007 book covers everything. We have quick tip sections throughout the complete guide.
  • Be sure to stay at or under the number of plants that your State says you can have. If your county guidelines say you can grow 6 females, keep within the guidelines. If you don’t keep within these guidelines it leaves you wide open for a clean prosecution. Know your guidelines! One California county says 99 Plants! Oregon says 6 flowering females & 18 inmature no larger than twelve by twelve inches.!
  • Rick grew the Worlds Largest Medical Marijuana plant in 2006. This plant had a 12 inch stalk. Yes, a stalk the size of a 1 gallon milk jug… This plant measured 16 foot by 16 foot wide and 15 foot tall. This is why Rick demostrates in his guide that you really do not need any more than two plants to have enough medication to last a complete year. Checkout the section: A sensible 2 plant grow…
  • Get your guidelines and post them with your grow! Get all the facts in your complete Medical Marijuana Guide 2007. This is a very reasonable way to protect you and your loved ones. We have never seen the Fed’s step in and arrest anyone that keeps within the local plant count guidelines. They have been very respectful to all of our patients. They love to find stupid people with large plant counts. So if you are living in a household that is growing Medical Marijuana (with a card or not) take it upon yourself to go down and count the plants for your own protection. If there is a large plant count get ready to run like hell because, as this book will explain to you, it can be very serious when the whole household gets arrested and has to go through all of the court proceedings.
  • If you ever need help with a Medical Marijuana case, call our 1-800-851-3761 hotline number first! Though few know about it, The Medical Marijuana Defense Committee has plenty of funding that has been generously donated just for this purpose. Their web site is included in your Medical Marijuana Guide 2007.

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