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Medical Marijuana Guide Has It All…

Rick wrote and published his book so that you can determine whether or not you qualify for the State Medical Marijuana programs. This book is a must for Caregivers and Patients who have the rights to have this important information on understanding the legal issues involved!

Richard Maughs is one of the finest growers in the world and he reveals his 26 years of growing experience, tips and tricks in this book. And his incredible real life stories are out of this world! In his bootlegging days, he became a legend in Northern California, slipping through the fingers of the law. In your complete Medical Marijuana Guide 2007 Rick will take you with him on this incredible journey and at the same time will sharpen your pencil and fine tune you on the Medical Marijuana Laws.

This is the only book ever written in the world about Medical Marijuana Laws. Rick spent 5 years in federal prison and spent over $100,000 in attorney’s fees for growing medical marijuana. Why? He was out of the State guidelines… This book will prevent you from going through the same thing! Rick’s book will educate you about these laws and show you how NOT to get in the same situation.. You must know the Federal, State and your county guidelines.

If you are going to be a caregiver or grow medical marijuana you need to read this book and know all of these laws! Rick and his incredible team helped 1,023 people get their cards in 2003 and over 3,000 people in 2004. We are really proud to let everybody know that 2005 was our best year over 6,000 card holders in our program for 2005. Whether you’re a seasoned pro looking to expand your knowledge base, or you’re just starting out… we’ve got it all for you – right here, right now – in this Phenomenal Guide that Rick published you will have the most incredible, up-to-date and constantly revised book ever written about Growing Medical Marijuana & Medical Marijuana Laws.

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